Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alright, already!

I know, I know. I mean no one REALLY complained, but for the sake of convincing myself anyone cares, I'm sorry. I keep saying, "Oh, I'll update tomorrow" and then tomorrow comes and I realize "tomorrow" actually seems to mean in about a month and this has to stop NOW...ish.

A lot's happened in a nothing's-really-happened sort of way. I mean...the Native Americans won. Hiawatha is the new lord of our observable universe and also over 6,000 years old. This is how my grand Civ V game played out in which I initially intended on going into far more detail here but then I kinda felt "meh" about the whole thing. It worked great as a kind of sordid alternate universe that may or may not have been visited by the Doctor in his TARDIS.

How, White man...do you like your nuclear armegeddon AHAHAHAHAH!

Oh, I'm back in Azeroth.

Keep reading after the thing I guess.