Monday, December 13, 2010

OGINTWA (Oh God It's Not The Weekend Anymore)

Normally, you see those back from the weekend catching up posts thrown up places early Monday morning because I guess that's supposed to be a good time to do that. I know better. First, I know for a fact that I can't string a coherent thought together until roughly 11 AM and I definitely can't translate that into text until sometime significantly beyond noon. Also, I would expect a vast majority of my readers to be of the gamer persuasion and I know gaming is being embraced more and more by the mainstream but, come on, <insert no-longer wholly appropriate stereotype about gamers not waking up before the afternoon>.


More, post-jump.

Speaking of mainstream, the 8th-annual Spike Video Game Awards show took place Saturday night. Normally I hate awards shows. That's why I didn't watch. Also, it was on Spike and, while I can appreciate the occasional bro, I'm way more of a dude. Anyway, it was far more entertaining to read the coverage and reactions the show was getting via the Twittersphere. Mass Effect 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim were announced which is cool. Guillermo del Toro revealed, for some reason, that he's working on a new game called Insane. I have too many jokes for the latter that I can't actually put one solid one together. It's like if I wanted to make a cake and add something fun to it and had Butterfingers, jellybeans, ice cream, Oreos, and chocolate eclairs at my disposal and I tried to use all of them. Yes, that would be the best cake in the history of the world but I'd also never be allowed to make cakes again.

You have to choose your battles wisely is what I'm saying.

Pretty much the most excitement generated during the evening's events was that Neil Patrick Harris both hosted the whole shebang AND won the award for Best Performance by a Human Male for his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Superhero Game: Part That Comes After the Colon.

No one's a Post-Colon fan.

This fervor was shocking to me because everyone seems to really dig NPH (I learned that abbreviation from TWITTER) non-ironically whereas I would have been thinking "Heh, Doogie Howser" the whole time. About the only hint I had previously that NPH (now I just don't know how to refer to him casually so I'm going with the acronym) was still relevant was the fact that a pretty big deal was made about a double rainbow thing (OR SOMETHING) that I only knew about because I go to roflrazzi once a month to look at still frames of drunks (they're WAY more dangerous in motion). I don't know anything about this How I Met Your Mother business, but Starship Troopers was pretty cool.

The "Two" is for Rainbows

Aside from that, I spent my time finishing up Mass Effect for the umpteenth time, transferred that save over to Mass Effect 2 for another playthrough, thought about but didn't actually play any LOTRO (sorry Lindsay Rohan!), and altogether lazed it up. How was your weekend? What did you guys get up to? Hey! This is a gaming blog (arguably), what games did you play?!


  1. I'm grinding thru the new heroics on Cata, cause I am more awesome than you

  2. Yeah, shortly after you insisted the heroics are awesome and make the game hard again I heard similar things from other sources. This is giving my brain a dilemma to deal with.

  3. They are awesome. New healing model is fantastic.

    It's nice because you actually have to play again instead of snoozing through it. At the end of wotlk I was capping my JP on my healer and topping DPS at the same time :/

  4. I'm going to roll 10 goblin mages.