Friday, November 26, 2010

Fishin' for topics and usin' apostrophes because finishin' verbs is UNNECESSARY

It's Holiday Hangover time. In tribute, or rather using that as an unrelated excuse, I'm going to take suggestions on what to write my next blog post about. The deadline for topic suggestions is Noon EST Saturday, November 27th. Hopefully it'll be video game related, but it's not necessary. After I decide on the winning entry, I'll have the post up later tomorrow. Suggestions may be made in the comments section here or as a comment on my Facebook page.

Don't sit on your hands! Let me give you a shout out! Suggest anything, as long as anything doesn't include me not writing. Don't be a dick.


  1. I suggest you write about how much Anmesia makes you want to shit your pants, because, god damn, that game, fuck.